Marina Rules and Regulations

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Rules & Regulations

GUESTS, CHILDREN & PETS: Tenant is responsible for the conduct and actions of Tenant’s guests and invitees while such guests and invitees are present at the Marina. Children must be accompanied by parents at all times. Pets must be leashed and all droppings picked up & properly disposed of in a trash container.

BUSINESS OR CHARTER SERVICE: Owner/Tenant shall not conduct any business or charter service from the

Marina without prior written consent of an Officer of the Corporation.

DOCK BOXES: Dock Boxes are property of Beach Marine and are NOT to be tampered with in any way, including signs and lettering affixed to the dock box. If any hardware is broken please notify the office in writing. Beach Marine is not responsible for the items inside the dock boxes. Upon departure, the dock box must be emptied within 24 hours or the items will be considered garbage and disposed of. Do not store flammable items in the dock box.

PERSONAL BELONGINGS: All docks, walkways and finger piers shall be free of personal belongings. This includes but is not limited to dinghies, grills, gas cans, propane bottles, wood, plastic containers, rags, etc. Please stow away on board your vessel or in your dock box. If additional storage space is needed, please consider a mini storage at the dry stack. Marina reserves the right to place personal belongings on your vessel or to send written warning to Owner/Tenant's address on the rental agreement. Owner/Tenant will have 10 days to remove personal belongings. Belongings not stowed away will be put into a mini storage and you will be charged accordingly.

CONDITION OF DOCKS AND VESSELS: The Marina requires that all vessels in the marina be kept in clean, neat and good operating condition at all times.

EXTENDED CRUISES: Boats leaving for an extended cruise (over 24 hours) are requested to notify the Marina office. The management reserves the right to rent all slips/spaces when vacant. Owner/Tenant is required to notify Marina twenty-four hours prior to returning from an extended cruise. PARKING: Parking is permitted to Owner/Tenant based on a first come first serve basis. The Marina reserves the right to make a nominal charge per additional regularly used parking space. No trailers or other vehicles may be stored at the Marina without the written consent of an Officer of the Corporation.

GARBAGE AND WASTES: Refuse shall not be thrown overboard. Garbage shall be deposited in cans supplied for that purpose. Notify dock attendant for anything that will not fit in these cans, the dock attendant will assist you in proper disposal. No person shall discharge oil, spirits, and inflammable liquid or oily bilges into the Marina. Direct discharge of marine heads without USCG approved treatment facilities shall not be used within the Marina waters.

GAS CONTAINERS: Do not fill your boats from gas cans anywhere on Marina property. Gas cans must be tied down and secured on your vessel, never on the docks or walkways, at all times.

WATER: Dock Water is provided for the purpose of washing your boat and is not to be hooked up full time to your vessel. This additional use will be charged at a rate of $75.00 per month.

RECYCLE AREA: Place all batteries or filters and used oil in the recycle area located at the Marina. For exact location, please contact any Marina employee.

SUBLEASING: Subleasing of vessels is not allowed. Tenant/Owner agrees that they will not sublease their vessel. Unauthorized occupancy by any person(s) not named on the Lease shall be considered an unauthorized sublet. This is ground for immediate eviction from the Marina (No vessel shall advertise on AirBnB or other rental related websites while under contract at Beach Marine).

UTILITIES AND CONNECTIONS: All electrical connections from your vessel to our pedestal must be marine grade. Marine electrical cords, marine connectors and marine phone cords must be used. No extension cords are permitted. The Marina will randomly do cord inspections; if your connection is not in proper condition we will unplug the cord for safety and contact the Owner/Tenant of our findings.

IMPROPER SIGNS AND DISPLAYS: Laundry shall not be hung on boats, docks or finger piers in the Marina. Dinghies and other boat accessories must not be placed on docks or finger piers. No "For Sale by Owner" signs or other signs may be placed on the vessel or boat/slip space without prior written consent. The Marina reserves the right to remove any non-approved sign from the vessel or slip/space without notice to Owner/Tenant. Similarly, Owner/Tenant may not affix or attach screws, nails, bolts or any other object any article, fixture or equipment to the docks without prior written consent of the Marina.

GRILLING: No grilling is allowed on docks at any time. Marine Grade grills are allowable if affixed to vessel.

CONDUCT: A Breach of Peace and Disorderly on a Public Establishment will be enforced on this property. This includes but is not limited to jumping, swimming and/or diving from the bulkheads, docks or in the water throughout the marina.

NOISE: Noise control is permitted as defined by the city of Jacksonville Beach noise ordinance statue. We do ask for consideration when having loud music and blowing horns.

ELECTRIC: Electric cords allowable from boat to electrical pedestal must match the amperage from the boat to the dock with no extender or splitter between.

SPEEDING: The entire Marina is a no wake zone. 

FISHING: There shall be no fishing off of Beach Marine walkways, finger piers, docks or adjoining areas. Customers may fish off of their vessels.



*These rules and regulations are subject to change without notice*

Here is a link to a printable PDF of Beach Marine's rules and regulations:

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